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Monday, August 18, 2008

Mood ; lala ~
Msn ; nathan, anthony, aimee, dien & roger m

time flies in a blink of an eye
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mood ; happy (:
Msn ; Peter, Jason, & Alex


holidays are almost over ! that is so sad. have you ever noticed how fast time flies ? The feeling that those last, crucial moments will never come by again ? Next thing you know, we're doing the HSC . *GASP*

just the thought of it is stressing. its a shame really, when there were moments you didnt seize & you have NO way of going back whatsoever. & what about those moments you wish were longer ? moments of joy & happiness . times you will never forget ?

*sigh /. time is flashing before our very eyes, next thing you know, we'll all be working & friendships wont be as strong . those faces you see everyday, may become strangers in the future.

happy snaps x3aimee & me
imac comp (:

random hats x)

julie, sylvia, stephanie & mee
@ parra westfield

jenny g, mandy, sophie, aimee & jenny n
sophie's bday @ jenny n's house

christina & darlene
@ Nando's after HSM on ice (:

the last 15 mins i spent on this post ? im never gna get it back . i could've been doing something productive, such as starting my one of two assignments, yet i choose not to .

its kinda scary to think that every decision you make can have an affect on your future. whether for the better or worse.

so i suppose, if you missed an opportunity or made a decision you regret, you should move on & think to yourself . will this moment of regret mean anything to me in 3 years ? if not, then why am i dwelling on it ?

when one door closes, another opens /. you should move on with your life & take every opportunity .

*sigh /. i'll try.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mood ; sigh
Msn ; thy, dien, nathan, matt, peter

love /. what does it mean ? it seems that everywhere you go, it always turns up. whether in a movie, song or in front of your very eyes.

the only question is. what is it ? is it merely a word you use to describe an unknown feeling, to make someone feel wanted ?

i love you

you say it, but what exactly are you trying to express ? & can you prove that theres meaning behind it. not just a saying ? what if your just saying cause it sounds right ? cause that's what you're expected to reply ?

what is this love ? how do you know when you're in love ? is it this tingly heart skipping feeling ? or is that mere an infactuation ? an illusion ?

Emily Bronte portrays love between Heathcliff and Catherine as intense and beyond this earth. Catherine often speaks of Heathcliff as being one with her, a part of her soul. Heathcliff, devastated at being separated from Catherine, goes to all means to get back what he had lost. in the end, its death that joins them together for all eternity.

its a love that is not understood, deeper than anyone could ever understand.

but why, why do we love when it can only end ?

Girl I wrote this letter to let you know forever
I keep you in my heart when I'm leaving you boo
Girl I wrote this letter, it ain't getting better
That is why I can't be with you
P.S. I still love you

these lyrics from the song ps i still love you from vibekingz /. what exactly does it mean ? it is clear that the singer still loves her. but he is willing to give her up. is that a sign of weakness ? or is he strong enough to let go ? i cant be with you, but i still love you . is it really possible to love someone that doesn't love you back ? & if so, what keeps you from letting go ? from moving on & finding someone who will return your feelings ?

holding on, is it true love or foolishness ?

colefax CHOCOLATES ~
Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mood ; tired
Msn ; shirley t &

ever have one of those days where you pretty much do nothing ? indulging in guilty pleasures & relaxation yea, i had one of those days & boy is it good /.
woke up at 9.40 this morning & half an hour later, i was in the cinemas watching GET SMART with my cousin. nothing like popcorn & a GOOD coke for breakfast aye ? surprisingly, the movie was quite amusing. except when steve carrel kissed anne hathaway . what is with old men kissing young girls in movies these days ? don't even get me started on national treasure !

movie over & done with, we drove all the way to ashfield to see my other cousin's new house /. it was quite old, but there are some awesome things about it.

» 3 minute walk away from KFC, Nando's, maccas, & other fast food chains
» many rooms
» next to a park with tennis court & fo
otball field
» 15 mins from the city

» old style barn ~ complete with horse shoe & milking stool
» one of those window seats ~ the kind in old movies where you can sit & look out the window
» fireplace ~ think cosy winter nights

i just LOVE the romantic oldstyle qualities

so naturally, with my love for nando's, guess what we had for lunch ? ;)

not completely satisfied, we then went out for a coffee /. omfg, i found a new love ..

COLEFAX chocolates


do these look good or what ?
ohmygosh, the chocolates are
Heavenly ~

yummy treasure ~

happy DAYS & innocent WAYS
Friday, June 27, 2008

Mood ; lazy
Msning ; nathan, thien, lawrence, louis
Music ; better in time ~ Leona Lewis

boys & girls skipping together. sigh* how cute is that ? it reminds me how innocent we used to be/. back when boys were gross & girls had cooties x) ohmegosh, my last day of work experience brought back so many memories.

i guess its time to take a trip down memory lane /.
ah, the good old days, where no hat means no play & red light green light was still a popular game. days of SIMPLICITY .

it was a proud moment as i watched little danny flirt with the new girl in class . it was so cute ^^ if only things were as simple nows /.

shout out to my girls & boys from so long ago [alphabetical order]

» CHRISTINA ; remember all those times i'd come over & we'd play your Tarzan game on the comp ? LOls. & you let me use your barbie rollerblades :]

» HELEN ; omg you bimbo :] LOls/. i think i kinda got my blondeness from you. i still remember you used to run home at lunch in kindy x)

» JIMMY ; you weirdo o_O too scared to jigg school with viet & bobby xD

» JOHN ; tubbus :]

» JULIE ; that time i accidentally dropped your money in the drain ? i still owe you xD

» THANH ; the only one i havent known since kindy x) you used to be so tall . now who's short ? :]

» OTHERS ; lyna . fiona tran . viet . bobby . jessica chaing . danny truong . karl . kevin tran . neil .

omg i havent seen some of you guys in soo long /. why did you have to leave before year 6 ?
|[ ngaws, i guess my memory is as good as it used to be =/ i've run out of things to write abt you guys ]|

INNOCENT ways /.
» making ropes out of flowers & hanging them on the tree outside the computer room
» games of spin the bottle
» picking up rubbish for FUN :]
» playing shopping on that little stump
» handball all the wayy /.


as i spent a week at my old primary school, everything seemed so much smaller . the hills we used to roll down ? they are no long hills, only little bumps along the ground.

as for us ? we're older & wiser. but the Memories are starting to fade /.

K3 my kids /.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mood ; anxious [reports are gonna walk through the door any moment nows]
Msning ; lawrence, matt & mandy [totally not paying attention to anyone & ignoring them all]

matt & mandy, JENben one month ~ !

ohmygosh the one thing i absolutely have to say today is ilove my kids! Lols. who ever though i would become so attached to them ? they are so cutee ^^ its like one of those things where, you go into a shoe store & you fall in love with the mini baby shoes omg, its that kinda. i love mini things love ;)

seriously, stealing someone else's kids should totally be legal. im so gna miss my babies x)

my favourites ? Bill, Christine, Danny, Kylin & Peter

i know its not nice to pick favourites, but well, how could i resist ?

one of my interesting convos with them ;
me: are you viet ?
christine: no
me: chinese ?
christine: no
me: what are you ?
christine: filipino & spanish

oops/. my bad x) i was no where near it . ah wells /. at least i got the asian bit right :]

hmms/. so i spent today in the office. i learned to laminate, cut, photocopy, fax & shred . who knew office duties were so fun ? i kinda screwed up some of the laminating xD ah wells, shh /. by far, shredding is totally the best part. ahahas shoving all that paper into the machine & watching it get turned into shreds is so fun . i'd so like to do that to my school books. maybe one day, when i get my own shredder.

too bad im a compulsive saver o.O
hm. is that what its called ? when you have an impulse to save everything for memory's sake ? no wonder i got so much junk around the house =/

anyhoos, back to my lil ones
what i think they're future is gna be like

christine ; is gna grow up smart & sweet /. maybe like me ;)

bill ;
gna grow up a trouble maker but i smart one ? rofl

kylin ; a pretty & popular girl /. shes a total girly girl & you ask why i love her x)

danny ; so gna grow up gangstarh like big danny :] i swear, he's already showing big danny-like symptoms

peter ; omg he is so cute ! gna grow up cute ! & hopefully stays cute forever ! i see quirky jimmy-like symptoms . difference is, he's gna be so much cuter <3

as for ms phan.
she's gna retire in two days & prefers tina & NOT ms phan, cause it sounds so off /. & reminds her of richard =/

AH SHIET reports today =.='

if i never blog again, call the police /.

Work experience /.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mood ; meh
Msning ; vincent m, thomas s & cynthia

Anyways, after almost a week of leaving my blog untouched, i find myself in the mood to write something x) not that you care >.>

First week of work experience /. wells, had to go to sefton first to get injection . eew >.< anyways, lets recap my first day of work experience, which would be yesterday . hmms /. got introduced to the class as ms phan omgg. i swear, i felt freakin old /.

mostly watched the teacher teach & try to make conversation with the kids . some of them were Ah-dor-ah-ble though ^^

& no, im no pedo .

there was one particular kid though /. more like a mini version of someone @@
i just can't get away can i ?

walked home for lunch /. =O i know BY MYSELF ! LOls . my mum finally let me outta her sight . farr after 15 long years . i well & truly deserved it /. too bad other people got that freedom what, 5 years ago ? ah wells .

LOls. anyways,
now for today's news . hmm . my class that is, K3, happen to have a CSIRO incursion today /.
i got to go for free (H) LOls. i am so damn cheap /.
it was actually quite interesting x) ahahas, the guy had edible paper that we could taste & cool experiments . it was totally fun . & the kids are actually growing on me /.
not literally of course x)

Bits & pieces/.
» a kid asked me if i was smart . uh huh , sure x)

» witnessed a kindy kid getting told off by the principal for hitting another kid
so that's what getting in trouble looks like xD im totally gaining knowledge

» had lunch stupid lunch spot >.>

» saw Christina & Thanh
Christina ; its my birthday today
Me ; no it isn't its on the 26th !
Christina ; its today !
Me ; ah shiet

hehe, my bad x)

~ /. shh

Start of a new journey
Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling ; crappy ~ who wouldnt in my situation ?
Thinking ; wow, my new nephew is BIG !
Msning ; Jenny L & Thy
Tina'rism ;
i pretty much lost half my sandwhich o_O

LOls ! i can't believe i actually started a blog . Life must be very gay indeed . Hmm . now what ? ahahas, since im totally noob at this, you must excuse my lame blog . it'll get better in time x)

So, two surprising pieces of news came to me this morning . First of all, my cousin just gave birth to a baby boy . That's so sad, it had so much potential ! Spanish & Viet, pretty genes or what ? ah wells, baby boy it is .

i swear, when i have a child, its so gna be a girl !
why ?

» pink clothes ~ irresistable or what ?
» no thomas the tank engines lying around
» its a girl . nuff said :]

but, what can i do ?

Bits & pieces ;
» Math equation ~ a woman went to the gym ... find her maximum & minimum weight ...
start weight : 80kg end weight : 88kg
LOls she went to the gym & ended up gaining weight . Nuff said, lawal needs to recheck he's equations

» registered for 40 hour famine ; hmm what should i go without ? food ? talking ? technology ? or not thinking about a certain person ? ;D

» Bus was late todays, and a certain sOmeOne had to pee so badly that he actually relieved himself on a fence . LOls . i wouldnt walk outta the side gate of school TOo close to the fence . if you know what i mean x)

» Broke up with boyfriend ; but no one knows yet so sshh ~

» started a blog :]


This girl
TINA . 15 . sefton high . daydreamer . believes in fairytales . girly . has a thing for sweet guys <3

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